Video and film production

Filmiris Inc. is a production company based in Québec City, Canada, where it was founded in 2000 by Jacques Loiselle and Brigitte Dufort. After a few years focussed on corporate and institutionnal video production, mainly for public and semi-public organizations, Filmiris has taken a turn towards report and film producing.

For example, Filmiris has produced 29 reports aired on the Internet for the Québec City Winter Carnival organization. The longest of these reports had a duration of five minutes and covered a spectacular event: The Carnival’s International Snow Sculpture Show (see "Introduction" for viewing excerpts of this report, and other reports on the Québec City Carnival produced for a European television).

The short film "Courant d'amour", filmed in 2010, directed by Jacques Loiselle and produced by Filmiris, became from 2011 to 2015 the inspiration for the 117 minute feature film "Par hasard en courant..." (By Chance while Running...), which was selected by the Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival, in 2016, after it received a Honorable Mention from the Santa Monica Independent Film Festival and was rated among the 15% best films submitted, from all over the world, at the New Orleans Film Festival.

The feature film "Par hasard en courant..." ("By Chance while Running...") is a comedy, involving a little more than fifty actors, almost entirely filmed on location in Québec City (See "Introduction" to view photos taken from this film).

Filmiris has also produced the documentary film "Ma Normandie sacrifiée, libérée, réconciliée", between 2014 and 2016, and is currently working on the development of an other project.