The short fiction film "Courant d'amour", filmed in 2010, directed by Jacques Loiselle and produced by Filmiris, became from 2011 to 2015 the inspiration for the 117 minute feature film "Par hasard en courant..." ("By Chance while Running..."), which has received recognition from three international film festivals.

The feature film "Par hasard en courant..." is a comedy. The action of this film takes place almost entirely in a park and in the circle of runners and joggers. See below 25 photos from this film.

See the trailer for By Chance While Running...

Other projects

Normandy 1944.The Liberation was a source of great joy for the population of Normandy, but the battle to get rid of Hitler’s troops caused enormous damage and the loss of so many lives. Civilian survivors of the terrible summer of 1944 tell their stories and experts analyse their situation at that time.

See the trailer for My Normandy Sacrificed, Liberated, Reconciled.

Filmiris has produced 29 reports for the organization of the Québec City Winter Carnival. One of them was a five minute report on the International Snow Sculpture Show, one of the main events of this Carnival.

Filmiris has also produced for European televisions. The themes of winter and the Québec City Carnival were again the topic of many reports.

Click here to see a few of these reports.

Report 1. Introduction to the Québec City Winter Carnival

Report 2. The International Snow Sculpture Show

Report 3. The dog sled race of the Québec City Winter Carnival

Report 4. The Carnival’s canoe race across the icy Saint Lawrence River

Report 5. The Carnival's car race on ice

Report 6. Reenactment of 18th century battles